SMOOVE works best with proper cleaning and application. Follow the steps below so you can focus less on the bike, and more on enjoying the ride. 


Initial Application

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the chain with a citrus degreaser. It is important to remove all current grease off the chain. This will allow SMOOVE to make its way into every nook and cranny of the chain. 

Step 2: Rinse and wipe the chain, allow it to dry completely. If you apply SMOOVE to a wet chain, it will change the formula of the lube (adding more water to the mix). 

Step 3: With the chain installed on the bike, apply a liberal amount (one even coat) of lube to the inside of the chain while pedaling the drivetrain backwards. It is very important to apply the proper amount of lube to the chain. Please follow the steps in this video here

Step 4: Allow the chain to dry over night. 


Following Applications

Step 1: Wipe your chain clean of any debris or buildup with a clean shop towel. 

Step 2: Apply one even coat of lube to the inside of the chain, while pedaling the drivetrain backwards. 

Step 3: Allow the chain to dry over night. 


Please see the videos below for best cleaning and application practices