What is the best way to clean my chain when I use SMOOVE? 

It is best to use a citrus based degreaser when cleaning your chain , if you use a normal degreaser make sure to use hot water to help soften the lube so that the surfactant in the soap can break down the lube.


What do I use to clean the sticky protective?

the best way to clean the film on a new chain is with kerosene or paraffin - make sure to use a soap as a final cleaning step to get rid of the oily film that the hydrocarbon solvent leaves behind.


How much SMOOVE do I apply?

Smoove works best if you apply a heavy application less often. Refer to the correct application video. Click here


How often should I apply SMOOVE? 

The best results are achieved when you apply it when the chain starts sounding dry or when you scrub and degrease the chain. When the bike gets a normal wash to remove dust it is normally not necessary to reapply SMOOVE.


My cassette and derailleur pulley wheels are clogging up, how do I prevent this?

This is normally a tell-tale sign that you are applying too much lube too often. Try applying lube less often. 


Will SMOOVE work in wet conditions?

SMOOVE was engineered to work in 90% of all conditions, and it's the only true all conditions chain lube on the market. 


Is it fine to apply lube just before the ride?

SMOOVE works best if you give it proper time to dry before the ride. We advise that you apply it the night before. 


Can I use SMOOVE on any of my bikes?

SMOOVE works unbelievably well on all bicycles, simply apply as per the instructions.


Will SMOOVE help protect my drivetrain?

We have consistently measured improved drivetrain wear when using SMOOVE, however it will greatly depend on what type of riding you do and what conditions you mostly ride in.


Why should I lube my chain?

The forces inside a roller chain causes the metal surfaces to wear and creates friction that causes power loss and inhibits shifting performance. Lubing your chain with SMOOVE will drastically reduce this.


How many applications can I get out of one bottle of SMOOVE?

On average there are 30 applications per bottle.


The nozzle on my bottle clogging up, how do I prevent this?

It is very important to always screw the cap back on, preventing the lube inside the nozzle from drying out and forming a plug. It also helps to make sure that the nozzle doesn’t touch the chain to prevent pieces of debris getting stuck in the tip.


Can SMOOVE be used for anything else?

SMOOVE was specifically engineered for bicycle chains, but it works very well to lube your gear cables and housings as well. 


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